Lisa’s Clients – A Change Is Coming in 2019

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What’s happening in the New Year?

Over the past few years I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of people coming to get help who are stressed, tired and even burnt out. This is most often expressed as pain, but the problem underlying the pain is a state of chronic stress.

I feel my clients literally vibrating with stress while lying on the table. There is a term for this heightened state, it is called Sympathetic Dominance. This is where your nervous system is operating in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’.

Fight or Flight is useful if you are being chased by lions. It helps send blood to your extremities, raises your heart rate, respiration and blood pressure, and diverts activity away from digestion and reproductive organs. This is useful if you are running for your life, but not so much in daily life.

We are all living in a high stress world now, and unfortunately this Sympathetic Dominance tends to be our default operating system. The result is a world full of people with tight muscles, high blood pressure, sleep and digestive problems and trouble with reproduction. People who are tired, cranky, sore and depressed whose bodies are beginning to manifest dis-eases like cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, and of course, pain.

This concerns me deeply because it is affecting all of us. In the past two years, I have directed all of my continuing education toward chiropractic techniques that work best for a population in Sympathetic Dominance. You may have noticed some changes in my adjusting style already.

I wanted to share this with you because this is the direction I am headed with my treatments. The adjustments will be delivered to help you with the obvious pain symptoms you are noticing, but also on a much deeper level, to address the underlying state of chronic stress.

So how does this affect you?


Beginning in January, during my morning shifts, I will be adopting longer consults, 20 minutes to half an hour, that incorporate time for breathing, processing and integration of the adjustments as we work.

During your visit you will be given an adjustment and instruction on breathing or movement and you will be given a few minutes to allow this to happen. While you are integrating, I will work briefly on another client in the room, then come back to you to do some more work. This process will continue till your adjustment is complete, then you will have the opportunity to continue to rest for a few more minutes until you feel ready to continue with your day. This will be a quiet and peaceful session.

I have adopted this system because it allows for the best adjusting and the best outcomes. This is a gentle and slow process, aimed at calming your nervous system to create better outcomes for your whole-body health.

You will notice a change in how I work, but I trust that you will enjoy your adjustments more and feel an even greater benefit to your whole-body health.


If you find you prefer your appointments to be as they were before the change, I have opened up the majority of the afternoon shift to accommodate the usual adjusting style.

I am looking forward to serving you in the New Year.

Kindest Regards,

Lisa Naera DC


Phone: (08) 9964 4205
62 Gregory St
Geraldton WA 6530