From walking the dog to racing Usain Bolt

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How many times you have been told that physical activity is good for you?
How much physical activity do you do?
Are you a Sunday jogger or are we going to be watching you at the next Olympic games?

According to the Australian Health Department guidelines adults should be doing at least a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week and 2 days a week of “muscle strengthening” activities.  Physical activity and sports have been demonstrated to be very beneficial for all components of our health, from decreased risk of cardiovascular problems, to the fight against depression.

However, you cannot imagine how many times I receive a new patient with low back pain which tells me that he started having issues after joining the local gym or patients with any kind of injuries which started a new sport.

Should you stop being active?? The answer is “Absolutely not” but…. Just few tips…

First of all, every muscle that you strengthen is a muscle that needs to be stretched!!!

PROBLEM: A muscle is a tissue made of fibres that contract and relax like a spring. The problem is that the fibres do not relax as much they contract, which can result in muscles spasm which will cause inflammation and as an end result… PAIN!!!

SOLUTION: STRETCHING!!! As a chiropractor, I take care that no one leaves without a little “homework” which 90% of the time is a stretching exercise. Exercise prescription is an essential component for a chiropractor, that like me is interested in sport enhance performance and decreased risk of injury in sports.

Secondly, it is important to mention the role of biomechanics and chiropractic science.

PROBLEM:  At Straight Up Health we run postural analysis for every new patient and we assess the common posture mistakes which change the biomechanics of the patient’s body.  If we analyse the pressure/weight which goes on our feet due to gravity while we stand it is enormous, now think how much that weight increases on the feet during a sprint during a football or soccer match or during a squat with a barbell on your shoulders…

SOLUTION: As chiropractors, we make sure that both joints and muscles are in the best possible state to function properly.  If the joint is not free to move as it should, it will push the muscles to get tighter and vice versa if the muscle is too tight it will make the joint “stuck” In both cases the biomechanics of the body will be affected and the “perfect machine” as the body is will not work in the best possible state causing an increase risk of injury and limiting your sport performance.

So, we know that regular physical activity and sports are good for us and we know that we should do regular exercise but to be sure that we can keep playing our sports we need to make sure that our bodies can sustain the effort, this can be attained with regular chiropractic care and treatment.

Dr Andrea Valentino

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